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K. K. Shailaja wins the 2020 MKR Foundation Karma Award

Karma Award jury chairman M T Vasuvedan Nair declared that K. K. Shailaja a.k.a Kerala’s own Shailaja teacher would be the sixth recipient of the award instituted by Leena Group’s MKR Foundation. The jury members agreed that she would be the ideal candidate, considering her efficient and timely efforts at the forefront during many major […]

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Madhav Gadgil to be this year’s recipient of the Karma Award

The 2019 Karma Award will be awarded to Dr. Madhav Gadgil, eminent ecologist and Head of the Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel (WGEEP) or the 2010 Gadgil Commission. He founded the first biosphere reserve in India in the Nilgiris, is the founder of The Centre for Ecological Sciences, and has formerly served as the Prime […]

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P K Warrier to be conferred the 2018 Karma Award

P K Warrier, veteran physician and managing trustee of Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala, is a name well-known among Keralites. The nonagenarian is to be the recipient of the 2018 Karma Award instituted by the MKR Foundation. The nephew of the late Vaidyaratnam P.S. Warrier, he has been part of the Arya Vaidya Sala since 1944 […]

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2017’s Karma Award to go to Metro Man E. Sreedharan

With this year’s Karma Award, another feather will be added to the cap adorning E. Sreedharan, India’s “Metro Man”, for his immense contributions towards changing the public transport system in the country for the better. His work as the managing director of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is well recognized, as is his recent […]

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Tribal leader conferred the 2016 Karma Award

In a truly inclusive gesture, the MKR Foundation has chosen an Adivasi tribal leader named Geetha Vazhachal as the second recipient of the Karma Award. Over the last few years, she has actively helped protect the forests of Athirappilly and preserve the lives and traditions of the indigenous tribes who reside there. The jury members […]

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MKR Foundation institutes Karma Award, first winner to be a college student

Leena Group’s charitable trust, the MKR Foundation, was formed a charitable trust aimed at aiding the welfare of the society and uplifting the needy. Now, the foundation is spreading its wings to facilitate the good samaritans in Kerala society for their endeavours to serve the people. We are introducing the Karma Award, to be conferred […]

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